• In-home Canine Therapeutic Massage

  • Initial Visit & Consultation with Massage- please plan for an hour and a 1/2; actual length of massage will depend upon what your dog allows (avg. 1st massage according to:Jean Pierre Hourdebaight, RMT, LMT, Founder of Massage Awareness, Inc., Author: Canine Massage: A Practical Guide, & Canine Massage: A Complete Reference Manual is 5-8 minutes.  Because we spend at least 30 minutes sharing stories about your dog and then actively calming and grounding ourselves, my first massages typically average 12-20 minutes.)
  • Follow-up Massage- please allow one hour for our appointment; actual time of massage will depend upon what your dog allows; most dogs desire a full-length massage (30-50 minutes) by their 2nd or 3rd visit.
  • A Series of 3-6 Massages is Recommended and is the most cost effective way to achieve therapeutic benefit.

• In-home Canine/Human Relationship Consultations (including fun, rewards-based training

  • Initial Visit & Consultation with Home Evaluation for Environmental Stressors and Training & Behavior Protocol- please plan for an hour and a 1/2

• Workshops for Canine Guardians & Shelter Volunteers (see calendar for dates, or call or email to schedule a workshop in your community)

  • Hands-on-dogs workshops typically last around 4 hours. (see workshops page for more information)

• Ritual with Companion Animals- ritual can be a profound and powerful way to mark the major transitions of life in a way that is meaningful for you and your family. We’ll create a simple ritual together using the wisdom and practices of traditions from around the world.

Suggested settings for ritual include: ritual of belonging for new family members~ celebration of life/birthday~ healing~preparation for life/death transition~ memorial/burial rituals

• Vacation Boarding & Training in my Home (available to training & massage clients only)

For rates in your community and to schedule your appointment today:
Phone: 303-957-8695

Massage is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Animal guardians should consult their veterinarian regularly, including in regard to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or treatment. Any animal handling, including massage, bodywork, and training, holds the potential for harm to handler, animal, or both. Relax your Dog™, lisa knaggs, and her associates assume no liability for how the information found on or through is implemented by users. (thanks for reading the small print!)