Rave Reviews

On lisa’s work with dogs:

  • “lisa knaggs has helped me to feel more confident in how I read, relate, and respond to dogs because I now understand the differences in how our species  communicate. Her creativity and compassion makes me want to learn with her! She even helped me have a better relationship with our family cats! lisa has my highest recommendation!”
    Pam Amato, Denver, CO.
  • “You totally changed my relationship with my dog in an afternoon! She’s loves me touching her now!”   Francesca W., Austin, TX
  • “Ginger loves her massages so much! I love seeing her with you- she really loves you and it’s helped her so much!” Sharon C., Austin, TX

    Ginger tenderly offers a paw

  • “Having you at our home was a very pleasant and calming experience.  The session between you and Shackles exceeded any expectations we had.  Just being able to sit back and watch your interaction has given me much food for thought about Shackles insecurities and his desire to please. Thank you for all your helpful insights with Shackles. The animal kingdom is in a better place one pet at a time through your warmth.”  Cindy S., Austin, TX
  • “My 10-year-old daughter Chia has learned so much from lisa “woof woof” knaggs! We jump up and down (Chia, me, and our rescue pit bull Lizzie!) in anticipation each time we schedule an appointment with her. lisa’s obvious love and enthusiasm for dogs and kids is not something to be taken for granted; she has a gift, and this is it.” Ginger Webb, herbalist, Texas Medicinals, Austin, TX

Chia & Lizzie~ beautiful attention work!

  • “When we brought our little rescue puppy home he was biting and growling at us and we were afraid for our safety and the safety of others- we didn’t know what to do. lisa helped us understand that Kenai was scared and helped us increase his confidence through play, games, and positive training.  Now we have a trusted-based relationship and he’s a happy dog!” Paula A., South Fork, CO.
  • with puppy Kenai in the bluebonnets

    with puppy Kenai in the bluebonnets

  • “My dogs line up for massages when they see lisa!  Even though it is a year between the time they see  her, they remember what she does for them and run in to flop in front of her for massages.”  Becky G., Austin, TX

Boudin, my soulman, snuggles in~ he's an amazing Katrina rescue dog whose trust was earned over 2 years

  • No one could come near Wyatt, let alone touch him.  You really broke through his wall lisa, you have made him a happier dog.”  Sherry B., Austin, TX.

Getting a cuddle and tail wag from the handsome (formerly human-aggressive) Wyatt

“Ben and I began working with lisa in November 2010.  I had spent a lot of time working with Ben on manners and overall behavior.  I seemed to be doing very well with Ben and had few significant behavioral issues, however that changed dramatically in October.  Ben began exhibiting resource guarding behavior with his playmate, Clara.  After several instances, I asked lisa for help as I just couldn’t seem to find the solution on my own (like Ben I am very resourceful).  The first session with lisa was a relief; after 3 sessions and some modifications to our routines, the resource guarding is now being managed effectively.  Ben and I have continued to work with lisa to refine our training knowledge and skills.  The learning challenges that lisa has brought into our lives make our life more interesting and entertaining.  Ben and I enjoy working together and lisa has been a gift to both of us.  ***Ben especially wants you to know she has the best treats and is pretty good at that massage thing. WOOF:-P”   Alicia, B., Monte Vista, CO.

  • “I was never a believer in massage but Sadie is acting years younger since you’ve been massaging her.  You’re making a believer out of me!”
    Don T., Alamosa, CO
  • “I truly think you helped him release some of the meds, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Chudleigh’s going to miss you so much! We all are!!!”            Lynn C., Austin, TX
  • “I love watching lisa knaggs work with dogs, as they transform right in front of me! She has worked with many of my clients’ dogs—mostly dogs that have a history of behavior problems, such as being fearful of new people as well as resistant to handling.  Her talent, knowledge, and compassion is evident with every dog and person she works with. On more than one occasion, I have witnessed nothing less than transformation. Dogs who could not settle down, (had trouble settling down in general), did not want to be touched, and did not trust this stranger who wanted to put her hands on them, soon become putty in her hands. Through patience, appropriate responses to the dogs’ nonverbal communication, and gentle persistence, they all relaxed and allowed her to massage them longer than myself or their owners’ could ever have imagined. Some who were the biggest challenges at the beginning were sound asleep by the end of their sessions!

One of the things that sets lisa apart from other massage therapists is her knowledge of dog behavior and ability to read canine body language. She is constantly responding to small movements that they make to communicate that they are uncomfortable with her touching them in a particular spot. She knows when to respectively back off, give the dog some space. More often than not, it is not long before they come back for more.

I have long believed massage therapy is a perfect complement to behavior modification. But until I saw the effect lisa’s work had on dogs, I had no idea how significant the benefits could be.”  Barrie Finger, CDBC, CPDT-KA, Mindful Dog Training, Denver, CO.

  • “I have an energetic dog that has willingly learned what I have asked of her since she was a puppy. She has eagerly worked for me whether to learn obedience or run full speed following a scent to search for a person. Even in play she goes full speed ahead.  It was such a joy to watch her “let go” as lisa began to work with her. Though at first Opal kept her head turned towards lisa, she soon surrendered with a heavy sigh and rolled on her side in deep relaxation. My dog was visibly changed from the experience with a much more calm demeanor. I am so grateful to have this new dimension added to the relationship with my dog.”   Martha M., pet dog trainer, Driftwood, TX

One Happy Opal!

On the workshop “Massage your Dog for Bonding & Relaxation:”

  • “My favorite part of this class was spending time bonding with my dog in away that was new to our relationship.  It taught me a different approach to communicating with him in a manner that fosters both joy and relaxation.”  Paul M., professional dog trainer, Austin, TX
  • “Thanks for the great workshop last night!  I really enjoyed our time together.  I was so excited about Mocha — this is the most relaxed and calm I’ve ever seen my reactive dog in public before!” Paula B., professional dog trainer, Austin, TX
  • “As a professional educator, IMHO…. your workshop scored 5 paws up! From your validation of each person’s questions to your ease and confidence in presenting your knowledge, your skill at teaching is evident.” Martha Meacham, Ph.D., CPDT-KA, Paws-n-Praise, Driftwood, TX
  • “I have been fortunate to attend the Relax Your Dog massage workshop on two occasions now, and lisa and Clementine have been wonderful instructors. The curriculum for the workshop is well thought out. It’s the perfect blend of instruction and hands on application with your pet. lisa sprinkles in lovely stories of her work with dogs, and it makes for a relaxing and educational afternoon spent with your dog.                                                                                     As a dog trainer, I absolutely see the work she is doing making a difference! After taking her course, we started using her techniques in some of our classes and immediately saw calmer, less reactive, and happier dogs. lisa offers a great complimentary therapy for training and behavior modification. I recommend her to many of my clients!”                                                                                        Julie Parker, Rocky Mountain Dog Training Center, Broomfield, CO.

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